Now, more than ever

It’s vital to take stock of your marketing plans and assess where you are so you’re best placed to navigate whatever’s ahead. Developing and refining your strategy can be daunting so check out our quick guide before implementing your plans.

The road ahead is uncertain, but times of great change and hardship are fertile grounds for creativity to flourish. Whether it’s finding new and imaginative ways of engaging with your customers through creative marketing campaigns or maximising your business’ digital potential, clarity of vision, expertise and creativity will help you shape your vision of the future.

1. Marketing strategy

Whether your business has been adversely affected or it’s created an upturn in demand, identify where your opportunities lie. Working with a creative agency to take an analytical approach to your marketing strategy can give you new perspective.

Competition will become more intense as budgets are squeezed, so now is the time to focus on your core messages to find persuasive and innovative ways to reach audiences. Put in place a cross-channel strategy with consistent, focused messaging to target new customers and build loyalty with your existing client base.

2. Put brand at the heart

So much more than just your logo, your brand should be at the heart of everything you do, tightly aligned with your business strategy and goals. A brand which is in tune with your ambitions will propel you forward rather than holding you back.

And remember, your verbal identity is equally as important as your visual identity: a distinctive tone of voice will build customer recognition and elevate your brand. Communicate clearly, confidently and consistently across all platforms, reinforcing your marketing messages at every opportunity to build trust and customer loyalty.

3. Creative impact

As we move through uncharted territory and competition heightens, maximising your creative impact will be critical in getting your brand noticed and your voice heard above the squall.

Whether it’s a brand evolution or revolution, streamlining your website or refocusing your advertising, now’s the time to evaluate, reinvigorate and ensure your creative works seamlessly across all media. Hard-hitting design can reposition your company and instil recognition and confidence.

4. Digital marketing

Maximising your digital communication and online presence will help you stay flexible and agile. Even small changes can go a long way to reposition your company in a world where the digital marketplace will play an even more significant role.

Product-led businesses in particular can increase brand recognition and boost sales by making greater use of social media channels or developing the e-commerce functionality of their website.

5. Make your budget work harder

Intelligent creative is an investment and should have its foundations deeply rooted in your business objectives. Maintaining its focus will help ensure your budget works as hard for you as possible.

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