500 miles and more! Why Ash did the London Marathon

Completing the London Marathon, now that’s an achievement. When we found out that our Senior Designer, Ash, wanted to take part, it’s needless to say we cheered him all the way to the finishing line.

Training for the marathon was intense and after raising over £1,700 in donations for the British Heart Foundation, Ash finished the race in an impressive 4 hours 30 minutes.

Ash commented, “I wanted to run the London Marathon ever since I could remember. I never thought I’d be physically able to do it, but after watching it on the TV last year and seeing the excitement of it, I plucked up the courage to apply.”

It wasn’t just the thrill of the race that inspired Ash to take part. He chose to run for the British Heart Foundation, which, after the loss of his Uncle, meant a lot to his family. He explains: “When growing up I was very lucky to have an Uncle who had a big influence on my life, from teaching us how to play football in the back garden to giving blood, I knew that when I was older I wanted to do all the good things my Uncle Graham did. Unfortunately, he was taken from us all too soon and I ran this Marathon in memory of him, as well as for the charity that is so close to my Auntie and our family.”

Ash endured over 500 miles of training for the marathon – that’s the distance from London to Stuttgart in Germany – or the equivalent of 2,500 laps round a football pitch. (Go Ash!)

In June, Ash will be getting his trainers back on for another event, where he aims to get his figure for the British Heart Foundation over £2,000.

If you would like to support Ash in reaching his milestone, please visit his Just Giving page.