Great ideas are difficult to unearth. You know the ones, the ones that make you go all fuzzy. They can be pretty rare. Fortunately, we have an uncanny ability to follow our noses beyond the idea that you see, to the one that makes you feel. Elevate yourself from the good to the great. It tastes amazing.


Why Trebuchet?


Your story is unique. The route you’ve taken to be reading these words right now is yours alone. And your brand’s story is unique too. As a bespoke creative agency, our job is to tell your story, to make it heard above the squall.

How we do this can take many forms, our skill is in weaving everything we design into one cohesive marketing message. From sleek, intuitive websites, innovative design and attention-grabbing advertising, to targeted digital campaigns, inventive marketing strategies and compelling social media interactions, we take an holistic approach, ensuring your branding is unified and memorable.

Set yourself apart from the pack and allow your brand’s narrative to shine through. Get in touch today and let’s get started.

01. Case Study


In 1832, Charles Darwin arrived in South America on The Beagle. The same year, back in Suffolk, Robert Ransome created his own origin of the species. The ‘Buddings Patent’ was the world’s first lawnmower and changed the landscape forever. Literally. From the Ryder Cup to your local park, it’s a joy working with their group of exceptional brands from the ground up.

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02. Case Study


Starting life as a grandmother’s recipe in New Zealand, the journey to bring their delicious roasted seeds all the way to Suffolk has been quite an adventure for the creators of Munchy Seeds. And it’s a journey we’ve been enjoying with them, helping to bring the tasty benefits of their little powerhouses of goodness to the wider world.

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03. Case Study


There’s a surprising amount to learn about small furry pets, such as the fact that without enough fibre rabbits are prone to something known delicately as sticky bottom. But then that’s one of the great things about our world, we’re always learning and not necessarily in the way we expect. Armed with this knowledge, we’ve created striking new global campaigns that work to impart any number of invaluable messages.

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04. Case Study


At the end of WWI, more than 100 German U-boats surrendered in Harwich harbour. Having been safeguarding the environment and its commercial and leisure users for over 150 years, there was plenty beneath the surface to discover during our research for this all-encompassing rebrand project. The results included a bold new brand; a website that draws live hydrographical, meteorological and vessel movement data from the Authority’s strategically positioned sensors; an interactive yachting map; and extensive iconography to communicate the many different technical areas of content.

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05. Case Study


Founded on a beach in Hawaii, Kettle Chips for some reason ended up in Norfolk. Probably something to do with it being easier to find great potatoes. But it was good news for us because as many of you will know, Norfolk is next to Suffolk. Which is where we are. Along with our packaging, illustration and POS skills.

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06. Case Study


Providing essential gas, electricity, fibre, water, wastewater and district energy to over 2 million homes and businesses, BUUK Infrastructure is the leading last-mile utility constructor, owner and operator in the new build market. We may not be the ones to call after a power cut, but if you’re looking for people who always go the extra mile, you need dig no deeper.

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07. Case Study


If you’ve ever pranged your car, you’ll know a big impact is not always a good thing. Sometimes, however, it’s just what you need. When MG Kerry, award-winning accident repair centre, were looking for a new brand that made a lasting impression, they didn’t hesitate in taking down our details and giving us a call to talk it through. They emerged with a gleaming new brand and set of sales literature that worked out beautifully for both parties.

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